It’s our Stanwell, it’s our community.

Registered charity no.1187357

We hope you’ll agree with us when we say that Stanwell Events are an important part of the community.  We  have achieved incredible things over the past 2 years, especially during the pandemic.


With the launch of Stanwell Foodbank, community lunches, children's play sessions, cooking sessions and so much more, there are many reasons why Stanwell Events deserves the support of the local community.



Stanwell Events are committed to supporting Stanwell and the surrounding areas to access a wide variety of projects for all ages and generations.


We have applied to Your Surrey Fund to help us raise funds for the exciting re-development of the existing 1960s building. We aim to extend and adapt the building and ensure it offers access to all, including disabled access plus new meeting rooms and office space.


We already have very well-established relationships with other local support partners and agencies and we are looking forward to growing our partnerships in the future, with the help of the new facilities! Our community partnerships include Surrey Police, Citizens Advice Bureau, Stanwell Food Bank Spelthorne Breastfeeding Groups & A2Dominion, and others.


Stanwell Food Bank will benefit from extra storage. Stanwell Food Bank has delivered over 450,000 meals locally to date and with the help of the new building, it will be here to serve the community well.


There are many exciting projects that Stanwell Events would love to bring to the community and they include:



Of course this all costs money.


This is why we are actively seeking funding, you can help us by supporting our fundraising efforts and by adding your comments to our applications on Your Surrey - you can find us at:


Help us shape the future of Stanwell!


Keep up to date with us and our plans by following us on Facebook at


#ItsOurStanwell #ItsOurCommunity


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